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Things are beginning to pick up!

Moved anchorage recently. Too many sailboats around, too much partying (we are very close to Colombia if you know what i mean) and too much fuss.

One of the beauties of living in a sailboat is that one can be wherever you want to be.

I love my peace and quiet.

So, ive moved to Rive’s island.

Been hanging out with the Kuna more. I am always glad to give them work: get then to clean the bottom of my boat, purchase lobsters from them and sometimes fish.

Helped Leo make a flopper for his shaft- spearfishing.

Also helping Sisco and his brother. Trying to hook them up with a discount. They want to purchase a speargun.

After hanging out and learning with Pancho and his brothers, spearfishermen for a living, it is clear that Bucanero II is the best tube gun out there! 106 is probably the most versatile length, that is what the old timers say.

Reinforced tube, a guide for the shaft, stainless steel trigger and it floats! At half the price of the “leading” tube guns out there. Or less! It comes with a reel.

Made in Greece. According to the crew that hangs out at Nautilus Spearfishing, the Greeek are the best spearos.

Also made friends with Paolo and Clara from Portugal. They got me so pumped with the idea of visiting.

Quality lifestyle and amazing diving!!

Can’t wait!

For now, more sailing trips in Kuna Yala - San Blas. Need to generate tge thrust to cover the dry dock maintenance costs so as to launch on the world circumnavigation trip!

Super stoked!!

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