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Let's make it a great day!!

Yesterday was an odd day.

My Kuna friends brought me a plate of food from the island.

Won the Cheff's heart, cooked for him, and he's been remembering me: pastries!!

Not a big white flower person. But when someone cooks for you, i appreciate that!

The morning went great and the day rolled as it did.

Trying to nail, pinpoint, how i felt: worn down, alone and a bit sad.

A friend from Canada remembered me and sent me a photo from the butcher's, gave them the recipe for Argentine chorizo criollo and the town loves it! Revelstoke's Famous Fernando' Sausage.

Yup, for realz.

Odd moment in the afternoon as well. German couple approached my boat, and without even introducing themselves, they asked about my boat, what designer.

Three times i answered Gilbert Caroff.

They knew nothing of him. Guess they are not sailors...

Basically, they wanted to brag about their facetted aluminum boat.

Unfortunately for them, they did not get the answer they were hoping for: few people weld aluminum.

In remote areas NO ONE WELDS ALUMINUM...

For a fishing boat where the local fleet fishes, with industry around, they are the most efficient boats. It's so in northern British Columbia.

Sailboats in the Med same.

Cartagena is an industrial city. Moto taxis were telling me they had AAA certificate to weld steel. Welders EVERYWHERE!

Only two people in Cartagena do aluminum repairs and maintenance on boats...

Aluminum can react badly with certain elements / substances.

These people completely denied the possibility of this happening.

Seems to me their ignorance has turned to arrogance and that was not all.

They said they had work to do on their boat: new batteries.

That is an afternoon worth of work. Simple chore. Disconnected, connect.

Again, little understanding...

Also, these people were obsessed with Li Ion. A short circuit with these type of batteries with so much juice can result in a fire!

Mentioned this to them, favoring acid or gel.

And they started quoting the sea federation of i don't know what...

Random weird people at sea. It can happen.

Should have stayed naked and maybe they would have left sooner.

They never even introduced themselves...

Hope they keep to themselves in the future.

Tomorrow is Chuni's birthday. They are in Waisaladup, Green Keys.

Sailing time!

Going to calibrate the autopilot and test the modification to the roller, hoping the gib rolls away smooth.

Might have to do some dinghy maintenance so bringing it up on deck for the sailing.

Wind is perfect and the sun is about to rise.

Let's make today a great day!

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