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Diving and grilling with friends in Paradise

My friends went sailing. New boat, super excited, it makes sense.

The wind died down and tget left before the calm.

For ke its looking at the waves, waiting for the break to disappear.

We had absolute calm and an unexpected reversal of the winds.

I went diving!

Told Diego to join, fellow sailor who bought his boat recently, and at four o'clockish we went.


Saw a small blacktip, bunch of nurse sharks and a 2.5m bull - healthy specimen and chubby.

I spearfish close to the dinghy.

Catch a fish, swim and up it goes. Killl the fish in the dinghy.

Lots of sharks.

Healthy reef!


Good eating at night!

We grilled the fish and cooked my green plantane tajada chips.

We are with our fingers...

Diego brought three lobsters purchased from the local fishermen.

Pretty cool get together!!

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