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Contemplating the horizon mint tea at hand.

Maybe it is a stunning sunset that seems to last for hours.

The clouds in Pamama are spectacular!

Other times staring at the palm trees on a far island in Paradise.

Land, the mountains, Kuna Yala territory and endless transparent blue ocean.

The more time spent blobbing, the better!

Observing, meditating with the eyes open.

Nature at one of it’s most beautiful forms. And happy locals!

Add to this the gentle rocking of the reef protected waters.

Kuna Yala - San Blas is like a swimming pool! Super gentle waters.

A canal runs through the territory making it a great place to sail!

Trade winds approaching!

Guests arrived today.

They took the kayak to visit a close by island.

Snorkeling in the afternoon and off to visit Holandeses tomorrow.

Happy times!!!

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