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When there are guests on board visiting on their vacation the day is pretty busy. Captain, cook, deck hand, entertainer and jack of all trades- unexpected things break up and someone has to fix them!

A day or two to decompress after a busy week and it is back toboat maintenance.

Add to that banking issues, long waiting times on the phone and life at sea is completely busy at all times!

Exactly for these reasonsi take time off tp go diving and disconnect.

The wind shifted after the full moon to the NNW and the waves stopped breaking over the outee reefs.

AMAZING diving conditions!!

Clear water, tons of coral caves and full of reef fish!

Went out diving a couple of days in a row. So grateful!

So glad for the time off and the exceptional diving conditions!!!

Life in Kuna Yala / San Blas is thebest!!

I encourage you to come visit for an experience of a lifetime!

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