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The Plan: there is no plan

Went to Canada on a 35 day ski trip. Stayed for seven years and drove back home to Patagonia - Road Trip!!

There are things in life I’d like to do. Sometimes they happen.

Most of the time i go with the flow.

Let things gel.

The goal is to circumnavigate.

Before setting out to cross oceans my sailboat is due to dry dock maintenance.

There is steel work due, id like to re do the engine and paint. Painting involves sand blasting, epoxy, epoxy primer, paint and anti fouling.

Hopefully a couple of upgrades to the boat. New wiring and that should be about it.

Work and 100% of available budget is for BouMou.

I’m in love with my boat.

Dry dock is the big test and main objective of this time that has gone by since i got BouMou. It represents saving up a lot of money and it will involve a lot of work!

After dry dock the idea is to test the boat: sea trial. Make sure everything is functional.

Cross the canal and go to the Galapagos. Then Polinesia!

Pancho, a good friend from Costa Rica, suggested we dive the Tico coast. Meet up once over the border and do the Pacific coast all the way to his home town El Jobo on the Nicaraguan border.

Pancho and his family are wonderful people and it would be awesome to share the experience with him and his brothers.

Thinking a little detour would be nice!

I am happy to receive guests and friends any time. Lots of space and plenty of sleeping accommodations.

BouMou Sailing adventures in Paradise.

By the way, best diving in the area is right after crossing the Panama Canal on the Pacific coast.

Looking forward to diving with huge manta rays and whale sharks!

In the meantime Kuna Yala - San Blas, gem of the Caribbean. There are five months of summer ahead. Excellent sailing conditions, deserted islands, white sand beaches, palm trees, cristaline water and amazing diving.

Book your holidays now!! Paradise is here!

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