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One of those days

Sunny beautiful morning. Excellent sailing breeze.

We lift anchor and as we get out to the open, when we are ready to lift sails, rain.

Wind pretty much died and its been raining non stop for over five hours.

No choice but to motor.

We saw a pod of dolphins that came to check us out.

They actually saw us, headed our way, hang out in our bow and did a couple of circles around the boat.

Not every group gets to see dolphins. Wilemijn saw a spotted eagle ray yesterday while snorkeling as well.

Soaking wet with the moral in good shape we arrived to Holandes central and set anchor right away.

Unanimous decision: warm noodles soop. Homemade style. Yum yum!! Lekker!! (Tasty in Dutch. I always make fun of them that they are talking about Liquor).

Couched, dry, chilling and with full bellies.

Unfortunately, with so much rain the water tends to get murky making snorkeling less pleasant.

We are hoping for better conditions tomorrow.

In a couple of weeks the trade winds will be fully set. Summer for five continuous months of sunny days and excellent sailing conditions.

Looking forward to an amazing season in Kuna Yala - San Blas.

Paradise, heaven on earth.

Time to pll out the deck of cards, board games and tropical rum cocktails ;-)

Kuna Yala - San Blas. Almost summer

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