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Love, Love, Love

I am in love with my boat. It is my life capsule, my freedom, my home and my means of traveling. She is also my dream come true!

About 11 years ago a friend talked to me about a sailboat that was abandoned on land. He knew the owners and said he could help me get it.

Went to the naval authorities to track it’s file, visited a boat teck to get some ideas, went to the San Fernando naval museum to see it’s smaller brother the Leg II and went to inspect the boat with Mr. Raponi who started his carreer sweeping at Gaspar Campos shipyard and now owned his own shipyard.

I had the tools set aside at the hardware store, but the boat papers never came through.

Andariego met it’s fate on the dry.

Straight away I signed up to sail every weekend!

Pretty much since then been dreaming of a Caroff design steel sailboat.

BouMou is a Gilbert Caroff.

Kuna Yala - San Blas sailing vacation in Paradise, come visit!

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