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Life at Sea

A year living in BouMou.

Best thing I’ve done in my life!

Before this i was living in Chalten. Home of the mountain range in the logo of the clothing brand Patagonia.

I was part of Mountain Search and Rescue, mountaineering every window of good weather and working with tourism.

The lockdown made the mountains illega. The police, gendarmes and park rangers patrolledthe acces to nature and gave out subpeanas and confiscated equipment from anyone going to nature. Wiith that new reality coming to sea made perfect sense.

So, i decided it would be 100% safety (not that many people to rescue YOU in the middle of the ocean, and sold EVERYTHING i owned. Kept photos, pots and pans from the family and some odd winter / work clothes.

Ive been on boats all my life. Learned to sail about 12 years ago and worked on boats in the North Pacific for three seasons. Also volunteered twice with Sea Shepherd in the ocean.

From recreational sailor, deckhand / working crew to Captain there is a big jump! So much responsibility and quite a load on the shoulders.

Learned so much in this year that has gone by! So many things that have happened!

From working with the engine, to building pieces / parts to make something work, replacing broken equipment and lots of adapting!

Living at sea there istime to get lost in a sunset. Day after day. Staring, gazing and getting lost on the horizon.

So much life! Seeing incredible creatures, bioluminescence, pelicans diving, schools of fish and the curious jumper that flies over the bow just to check us out.

The ocean has a magical charm. The hipnotizing blue of deep, turquoise waters around beautiful reefs and the most gorgeous white sand deserted islands.

The peace of living at sea.

Best thing I have done!

San Blas - Kuna Yala. Paradise. Heaven on Earth.

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