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Exploring New Keys

Captain’s B Log

Anchored behind BBQ island and paid the monthly permit fee 10 USD.

Turquoise water and a fresh ocean breeze. Gentle roar in the background with the waves breaking on the surrounding reef. The Swimming Pool..

Felipe is with me. He’s from Spain and became a Panamenian resident 4 years ago. We met in Portobelo at a restaurant where a buddy was working. Felipe is considered purchasing a small sailboat and i'm sharing with him the experience. He has committed to learning, i've passed him a manual and an teaching him.

He’s visited San Blas about 10 times. He loves it here.

First time for him in this sector. And first time visiting Kuna Yala in a sailboat. He is joining me for a week to get involved in the boat life and for vacation.

San Blas is full on Paradise! This name was given by the Conquistadors. The locals call their home Kuna Yala.

Kuna Yala, heaven and gem of the Caribbean, is an autonomous territory ran and administered by the Kuna People . It consists of 364 islands that belong to the Kuna. There are 49 clans which means they have a Congress and a school. This is a matriarchal society.

When the woman speaks the man looks down / to the side.

The Silas, community leaders and Caciques are men. 3 Caciques, 1 for each sector.

Looking forward to diving the reefs! There is an opening to the ocean here. Atlantic out there! Possible currents and large fish. Saw where a local fisherman anchored his kayuko. Got aerial photos of the spit and viz is awesome today.

The reefs in Kuna Yala are in good shape! Lively colors and plenty of fish! No industry arround. Turtles, spotted rays, nurse sharks and dolphins. Amazing areas for snorkeling and free diving.

By the way, the Kunas are fantastic divers!

We’ve sailed around yesterday and today we motored over here while trawling.

This morning it was totally calm with no conditions for sailing. Slight change of plans and now we are here. Flowing with it.

Adventure! Checking out new spots. Island hopping. The Swimming Pool.

We had fresh ceviche for lunch and Felipe is having a nap. The gentle rocking and the fresh breeze of a warm sunny day that feels like summer.

Living the dream.

Come visit

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