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Back at it! WOOHOOO!!!

Big smile in my face!

Wind from the North East and the reef is roaring!

Summer time!!!

Trade winds are in. Sunny days in Paradise!

BouMou is gleaming!!

Freshly painted deck, interior shining and EVERYTHING WORKS.

She's looking better every day!

Totally restored to new! Hull, engine to 0 hours - new, by the books. New electric panels, marine cables, windlass. All new. Engine panel new.

New fridge.

Presurized outdoor shower new.

Maintenance and upgrades on everything strucural.

Almost new boat.

Loving life!!!

Didn't come easy...

Year and a half of harship and headaches.

Eight months in Cartagena, seven on dry dock...

Learned a lot.

Gave a new life to my boat.

Got an amazing boat!

The boat of my dreams!

Was burnt out for a while.

Worked every Saturday and half the sundays.

My steel repair budget doubled.


Work halt and continuous rains- all welding stops.

Endless, endless day to day work and continuous struggles to keep the work going.

Tested the boat, sea trials. Some tune ups.

Normal and mandatory!

Came back to Kuna Yala, home.

Spent a couple of months blobbing: sitting in the bench, lying comfortably with the cushions. Listening to the gentle waves.

Undescribable peaceful sound.

Combined with the roaring reef, the gentle rocking and: "I'm in Heaven...




Managed to revert a situation that was bad bad to amazing.

Got the sailing boat of my dreams.

Solid fully renovated oceanic blue water sailboat.

BouMou is looking great! Ready for another season of visiting deserted islands, snorkeling and sailing in San Blas.

Being one of the few registered vessels to work doing tourism in the Kuna Yala Autonomous región.

Boat is ready, papers are up to date: 4 guests are welcome.

We go island hopping every day sailing around the Archipiélago.

Beautiful islands and amazing sunsets.

Healthy food, fish from the ocean to the grill / pan, to your plate. Or we eat with our fingers outside. Plenty of space, comfortable and the bones go directly to the ocean.

As much fish as you want, all the tropical fruits and an abundance of untouched reefs full of colourful corals and fish of every kind!

Dolphins and turtles are around, they do swim by. Got to be looking around. Beautiful all around us. The most incredible ocean blues and turquoise and cristaline water.

Come visit!

Best rates. Hands on experience based on what you want to do.

The focus being your experience, your time. Itsur vacation.

With BouMou you can participate in the navigation manuevers and skipper the boat.

With me siting by your side, explaining how the charts work and showing you what to do.

My goal as a host is for you to have a unique experience, taste the live aboard life in a comfortable stable boat and get onto the island life vibe.

Best trip is four nights + if your budget and schedule can allow.

For those who can't afford the experience in a sailboat do visit an island. There are rustic accomodations or camping options. The service is a bit simple.

Amazing place! Must visit once in a lifetime!

I can help you book an island if your budget is restricted.

If you are in Panama you must come out to San Blas!

Had return guests!!

Family with children came back.

Must be doing something right

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